The 20 Best Foods For Diabetes Control

Best Foods For Diabetics. When a person has diabetes, their body can not maintain healthy levels of blood glucose. Glucose is a form of sugar that is our body’s main source of energy.

Unhealthy levels of blood glucose can lead to short-term health in the long term and bring complications. For our body to function properly we need to convert glucose (sugar) from food into energy. A hormone called insulin is essential for the conversion of glucose into energy.

In people with diabetes, insulin does not produce in sufficient quantities for the body. When people with diabetes eat glucose, which is found in foods such as breads, cereals, fruits and vegetables with starch, legumes, milk, yogurt and sweets, that can not be converted into energy.

Instead of being converted into energy, glucose stays in the blood, resulting in high blood glucose levels. After eating, glucose is carried around your body in the blood. Your blood glucose level is called glycemia. Blood glucose levels can be controlled and managed through self-care and treatment.

For this reason include these nutrition superstars in your diet for diabetes to lower blood sugar, burn fat, reduce inflammation, and gain more health benefits.

1.- Black chocolate

Chocolate is rich in flavonoids, and research shows that these nutrients reduce insulin resistance, improve insulin sensitivity, lower insulin levels and fasting blood glucose, and cravings.

Flavonoids in chocolate have also been shown to reduce the risk of stroke, calm blood pressure, and reduce the risk of having a heart attack by 2 percent in five years.

2.- Broccoli

Broccoli is a superhero against diabetes. Just as cabbage and cauliflower contain a compound called sulforaphane, which triggers several anti-inflammatory processes that protect blood vessels from cardiovascular damage and improve blood sugar control that is often a consequence of diabetes.

Sulforaphane also helps blows to the head by acting on the body’s natural detoxification mechanisms, persuading enzymes to turn dangerous chemicals that cause cancer.

3.- Blueberries

Cranberries really stand out as one of the foods for diabetics: They contain insoluble fiber (which “flushes” fat from your system) and soluble fiber (which slows down the emptying of the stomach, and improves the control of blood sugar).

Anthocyanins in berries, a natural chemical that reduces fat cells and also stimulates the release of adiponectin, a hormone that can help keep blood sugar low and increase insulin sensitivity.

4.- The cut oats

Oatmeal is considered a super food for diabetics, because it helps reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. Oats contain high amounts of magnesium, which helps the use of glucose in the body and secrete insulin properly.

Use cut oats, they are as easy to cook as quick-cooking oatmeal, but when the grains are left whole they are filled with fiber, nutrients and pasted antioxidants that challenge digestion in a good way, allowing blood sugar Stay more stable.

5.- Fish

Fish is a thinning star: rich in protein, which will help you stay satisfied; but also, fish contains a special type of fat that helps inflammation.

Thousands of studies show that people with the highest blood levels of omega-3 fatty acids have less inflammation throughout the body, the inflammation itself that leads to diabetes problems and worsens and weight.

A diet rich in fish can also reduce your risk of developing health problems, especially stroke, as a result of your diabetes.

6.- Olive oil

After a Mediterranean-style diet, rich in olive oil helps reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 50 percent compared to a low-fat diet.

In addition to being a leading source of monounsaturated fats that promote health, olive oil is also rich in antioxidant nutrients that protect cells from damage, and prevents the development of heart disease.

7.- Psyllium husk

This fiber supplement, used for a long time to relieve constipation, has been shown to help people with diabetes control their blood glucose better.

People who took psyllium before a meal, their blood sugar levels after meals go up 2 percent less than those who did not use the supplement.

One warning: Researchers recommend waiting at least four hours after taking psyllium before taking medications, since psyllium can decrease its absorption.

8.- Cannellini beans

These diabetic foods are full of protein and soluble fiber that reduce cholesterol, white cannellini beans are slow to increase blood sugar.

9.- Spinach

Spinach is one of the many green leafy vegetables that has been shown to lower the levels and risk of developing diabetes; Cabbages are another great option.

People who consumed more than a one-day serving of spinach and other green leafy vegetables reduced their risk by 14 percent, compared to people who ate less than 1/2 of a daily serving, a British study found.

10.- Sweet potatoes

An analysis found that sweet potatoes reduce HbA1c measurements between 0.30 and 0.57 percent and fasting blood glucose by 10 to 15 points.

Sweet potatoes also contain anthocyanins, which are the natural pigments that give sweet potatoes their intense orange color and antioxidants are believed to have anti-inflammatory, antiviral, and antimicrobial qualities.

11.- Nuts

The most widespread tree nut in the world, walnuts are one of the diabetic foods par excellence because they contain the polyunsaturated fatty acid called alpha-linolenic acid, which has been shown to reduce inflammation.

12.- Quinoa

Quinoa tastes like a grain, but is more closely related to spinach than it is to rice. Contrary to most grains, quinoa is a dense source of “complete” protein (14 grams per ? cup) !), Which has the nine essential amino acids.

One is lysine, which helps the body absorb calcium from all that fat burning and also helps produce carnitine, a nutrient responsible for converting fatty acids into energy and helps lower cholesterol.

Grain-rich diabetic foods rich in fiber contains 2.6 grams per 1/2 cup, and fiber helps balance blood sugar levels and keep you full for longer.

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13.- Cinnamon

Several studies show that this delicious spice can help lower blood sugar. Taking one or more grams of cinnamon a day reduces your fasting blood sugar levels by a whopping 30 percent.

It also reduces your triglycerides, LDL cholesterol and total cholesterol in a 25 percent rise. Here’s why: Cinnamon is rich in chromium, a mineral that improves the effects of insulin.

It is also loaded with polyphenols, antioxidants that gather all the free radicals in the blood to protect against cancer and also lower systemic inflammation, which keeps farther from diabetes and heart disease.

14.- Cabbage leaves

Green leafy vegetables such as kale are excellent sources of vitamin C, which helps lower cortisol in the body and therefore reduces inflammation as well.

15.- Turmeric

Turmeric may have been protecting the health of the entire Indian subcontinent for about 5,000 years. A traditional Indian diet has rice flour and white bread, which as quickly digested carbohydrates increase blood sugar normally dramatically .

But the presence of turmeric, the yellow spice that lends color to many curry dishes helps manage the potent impact on blood glucose.

Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric, is the compound believed to regulate the metabolism of fat in the body.

Curcumin acts directly on fat cells, pancreatic cells, kidney cells and muscle cells, inflammation buffering and blocking the nefarious activities of cancer tumor necrosis factor and interleukin-6.

Experts believe that the combined action of all these factors together gives curcumin the power to reverse insulin resistance, blood sugar and high cholesterol, and other symptoms related to obesity.

Some Carbohydrates good for diabetes

If you have diabetes, you can (and should) eat carbohydrates. The key: eat adequate portions and the choice of carbohydrates that will help control blood glucose. These healthy carbohydrates are especially useful for diabetics.

16.- Oatmeal

Eating oatmeal (the type without added sugar) can slightly decrease both fasting blood sugar levels and HbA1c, a three-month measure of blood sugar levels, a review study by Beijing scientists shows.

It has ? cup cooked. Make a salted oatmeal flour: Cover with an egg and saut?ed mushrooms and saut?ed onions cooked in low-sodium vegetable broth.

17.- The brown rice

Whole grains such as brown rice contain the three parts of the core of the grain rich in fiber, while white rice and other refined grains have only the intact endosperm.

Fiber helps slow down the rate at which carbohydrates reach your bloodstream. Have ? cup of cooked vegetables. Make rice with milk: Mix the rice with equal parts of light coconut milk, and combine with dried cranberries and cinnamon; cover and soak all night.

18.- Lentils

It is recommended to eat these foods for diabetics plus legumes rich in proteins, such as lentils and beans. And for good reason: Along with 9 grams of protein and 8 grams of fiber, ? cup of cooked lentils contains potassium, which helps control blood pressure.

This is especially important because two out of three people with diabetes have high blood pressure or take medications to lower blood pressure, according to the American Diabetes Association.

It has ? cup cooked. Make a salad: Mix with pears and apples in cubes, dried cranberries, balsamic vinegar with fruit infusion and olive oil.

19.- Freekeh

Like rice, old grain offers fiber: Each ? cup of cooked grain has up to 13 percent of your daily need. It also contains the manganese mineral, important for the control of blood sugar.

Have ? cup of cooked vegetables. Make a salad: Combine with arugula, tomato slices, chopped red onion, feta cheese, olive oil and lemon juice.

20.- Plain Greek yogurt

One cup ? serving of Greek yogurt 2% natural fat contains approximately 7 grams of carbohydrates (about half the amount in a slice of bread), along with essential nutrients, such as protein and calcium.

Consuming enough calcium is essential for people with diabetes, who may be more likely to have lower bone density. Have ? cup. Make an ice cream dessert mix.


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