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What exactly is morning tea?  Well, for those that don’t drink coffee, it is a very good alternative.  This is also true for those that don’t want the overload of caffeine from coffee.  Morning tea is a bit gentler to the system than a cup of coffee, and a lot healthier, as a matter of fact.  There are several different teas you can drink in the morning to give yourself that little kick of extra energy needed to get your day going.

  • Green Tea – Great caffeine spiker in the morning! This tea is great for brain function, heart healthy, weight loss, and in some cases, helps prevent cancer. It’s also loaded with antioxidants. The taste, if done correctly, is a little earthy and vegetal. If it tastes bitter, you can try adding a little lemon juice or lemon slices to help with the bitterness of the tea. Honey also helps.
  • Black Tea – You can replace your coffee with this tea, and use milk in it! This tea is very dark and has a malty taste to it. It does taste a little nutty, unlike the other teas on the market, and very bold taste. The antioxidants and compounds in this tea help with inflammation in your body, keep your heart healthier, and possibly help with lowering blood pressure.
  • Matcha Powder – These are very green tea leaves grinded in to a powder. The greener the better. This powder is not seeped in tea bags; you put the entire spoon in hot water and mix it up. It will give you burst of energy and keep you going all day, without the caffeine headache.
  • Yerba mate Tea – This tea offers more energy, mental focus, weight loss, less fatigue, and antioxidants. There are some down sides to drinking too much of this specific tea, so please be mindful in how much you consume on a daily basis. Too much of this tea will increase risks of some types of cancer, such as lung, esophagus and mouth. This is a great weight loss booster; however, drinking nothing but this tea all day, every day, will eventually have its serious side effects.
  • Ginger Tea – This fantastic tea has many great benefits for those that drink it. It helps with nausea, morning sickness (or sickness from chemotherapy), pain relief, cancer prevention and immune support. This has a citrus flavor mixed with a bit of earthy taste. Very warm tasting tea with a little bit of spicy added to the mix, but not too much.

Adding flavors to teas

different types of tea

Green tea can be found at any store already brewed that you can buy or you can choose to make brew your own at home. Either way, it’s a great refresher drink that quenches your thirst on that first sip. Adding freshly squeezed lemon or lime juice only improves the great taste of the light tea. Mint leaves can also be added, it all depends on what you are in the mood for. You can add a little honey for sweetness, but you need to start out with a little; honey is 20% sweeter than sugar, so it won’t take much at all.

Black tea on its own, with no added sugar or honey, can be a little bit bitter, depending on how strong it is. You can also purchase this already made at the store, or do it yourself. There is an array of different flavors that you can add to this tea to improve the taste. You can add citrus flavors, such as orange or lemon, cinnamon, berries (blackberries or raspberries are great), mint, ginger or even maple syrup. As always, do it to your taste; following a recipe from someone else may be too much or too little flavoring. I would also use cinnamon sticks rather than the powder; if you use powder; make sure it is mixed up well before drinking it.

Matcha powder cold beverages usually use coconut water and ice. I would start with one teaspoon first and go from there. That may be enough for you, or you may want something a little stronger. This has to be put in a jar with a lid and shaken very well. Once it’s completely mixed up, poor it over ice and enjoy! There are several different suggestions on how to make this, but it all depends on how you like it. Experiment with it; see what works best for you. By all means search it out, see what great alternatives you have for this tea powder.

Yerba Mate tea can be drunk cold, but most prefer to have it hot. If you decide you want to try this one cold, you can also add citrus flavors like orange or lemon peels; however, these have to be dried first. I don’t know that it is worth all the trouble honestly. People have also tried adding coffee to this to really give it a kick. Usually one or two teaspoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of instant coffee will do the trick. Herbs such as peppermint or balm have been used. Honey is a good alternative to sugar and will make the drink a lot smoother. Then there is the ever-popular mix with brandy. This is usually a good thing if you are trying to warm up however this is very hard to get down. It is very strong, so if you try this, you may want to also add some honey to make it easier to drink.

Ginger tea is not usually pre-made at the stores for you to buy, however, there are a variety of them out there to purchase and brew. Some people like just the ginger taste, as it has a little peppery spice to it naturally. If you want to add more flavors to this tea, try adding apple and cinnamon, lemon juice, mint or maple syrup. Now if you want more spice to this wonderful tea, try adding cayenne pepper. You can try about 1/8 teaspoon and go from there. Turmeric powder can be added for a perfect antioxidant-rich tea.

Of course, these are not the only teas out on the market these days; these are the best ones that I know of for the person looking to make a change for their morning drink with something a little less heavy, like coffee. Always remember to shake your tea mixes well before drinking, as some of the flavoring will sink to the bottom and make it very hard to drink.

cup of teaAs with any change in your diet, please make sure you can drink these teas or added ingredients; talk with your doctor. There may be medications you are currently taking that do not go with some of the ingredients in the tea, especially the added flavors.  Your doctor may suggest other ingredients to add other than what is suggested here. That’s great! The more suggestions you have, the more variety there is.


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