How healthy is coffee for your body?

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We live in a society that revolves around coffee and it’s also become a major part of our culture. Coffee has literally become a huge industry by itself and has resulted in the creation of corporate coffee giants like Starbucks and Costa Coffee. But does that mean that coffee is bad for you? It turns out that within moderation, coffee is very healthy for you and we’ve got some surprising results that have been proven. Here’s how:

  • Living longer

In many of the recent medical studies, the results have shown that regular coffee drinkers are showing longer healthier lives. With threats that include strokes, diabetes, and heart disease, coffee drinkers had much lower reported cases.

  • Process glucose better

Because coffee stimulates your body to process glucose more often, there is less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes. This has also been revealed in medical studies of people who have been drinking coffee regularly.

  • Less heart failure

With just one or two cups of coffee per day, there is also less chance that you could have heart failure. The stimulation that coffee gives your body naturally, keeps your heart pumping from the natural effect of caffeine.

  • Stronger DNA

Amazingly enough, your DNA can be strengthened from dark roasted coffee. Over time, this break-up of DNA strands increases, which is how cancer and tumors can form. Drinking dark roast coffee can help prevent your DNA from weakening too early in life.

  • A healthy liver

Coffee has many helpful enzymes that are good for your liver. The regular ingestion of coffee is helpful for your liver which adds protections that those who don’t drink are at higher risk from.

  • Decreased risks of Alzheimer’s disease

This is a growing problem that is affecting many Americans that represents two-thirds of the nation. Through active research, scientists have discovered that those who drink coffee twice a day were less likely to suffer from Alzheimer’s disease.

  • Less chance of colon cancer

It’s a fact that one out of twenty-three women will develop colon cancer. The most recent research has found that coffee helps to prevent colon cancer from developing. There is now proof that 26% of those who drank coffee were less likely to have colorectal cancer likewise.

  • Lower threat of a stroke

Strokes are more common among women, yet drinking coffee is an excellent preventative step. Strokes in women represent the fourth leading cause of death, so one or two cups a day is enough to avoid having a stroke.

  • Avoid developing Parkinson’s

The key to this is all in the natural caffeine that is found in coffee. This appears to help in controlling muscle movements for those who have Parkinson’s disease. Primarily, caffeine greatly reduces the chance of developing Parkinson’s entirely.

What makes coffee bad for you?

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It nice to snuggle up to a hot cup of coffee loaded with all the things that make coffee taste more appealing. This often includes milk, sugar, and added flavored syrups to give coffee drinks a different experience. In fact, straight black coffee is the healthiest form that you can ask for. But not everyone wants to drink their coffee straight. Additives to your coffee are what make coffee more of a health hazard for you.

Yet there are plenty of alternatives that are worth trying that reduce the chance of related illnesses that come from overdosing with sugars and milk products. It’s become more common than you can use non-dairy milk instead of regular vitamin D varieties. And when it comes to sugar, there are lots of sweeteners that you can add to coffee that help lower added calories.

These added ingredients are also the leading cause of weight gain, which is how diabetes can develop. Steering clear of natural sugar isn’t hard to do if you start to look for excellent alternatives. There are natural replacements that include Stevia and Xylitol, but old-fashioned standby’s such as honey and light maple syrup are good alternatives. So next time, instead of grabbing that caramel macchiato at Starbucks, you can make your own macchiato with more natural sweeteners.

How much coffee is recommended per day?

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There is always a limit to how much coffee that you should drink per day. It’s not unreasonable to say that two cups are advised. For some people who enjoy fresh espresso, you can have up to 3 shots per day with very little amounts of sugar added. Freshly brewed espresso from an authentic espresso machine will produce a thick crema that sits atop the actual extracted coffee itself.

Many people describe this crema as being the best part of espresso shots and can be sweet tasting. It depends on the coffee bean itself and how the beans are roasted. Yet some experts believe that you should scrape off this crema before drinking the coffee. Too much coffee does have some bad effects that will not be good for you, but these would be obvious.

  • Lack of sleep

Because of the caffeine in coffee, it’s hard to fall asleep. This is why decaffeinated coffee is better for those who enjoy drinking it more often.

  • Nervousness

Caffeine has a habit of causing more people to be prone to being nervous. A heightened sense of awareness can lead to you getting overly nervous at times.

  • Diarrhea

Coffee is a great way to stay regular since it helps stimulate the bowels. Too much coffee is literally asking for trouble since coffee is a natural laxative.

  • Caffeine overdose

Too much caffeine increases your heart to beat which can be uncomfortable and somewhat dangerous. There’s no reason that your heart needs to pump blood faster than usual, which is what happens if you drink too much coffee.

  • High blood pressure

With unusual amounts of overworking your heart muscles, this will allow high blood pressure to set in. Your body wasn’t designed to have blood working its way through your veins at this high rate. It can result in abnormal heartbeats additionally.


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