10 Mind Blowing Health Benefits of Coffee

While you may use coffee just to take in that caffeine to prevent sleep while working, or hanging up with a friend, don’t just gulp it down for the sake of drinking. Several researches have shown that?health benefits of coffee are incredible and amazing. Coffee is just not all about caffeine, but also has antioxidants and helpful nutrients that improve your health.

Another reason why coffee is healthy is that it has very low amount of cholesterol, sodium, saturated fats and is an amazing source of riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and?pantothenic acid (Vitamin B5) which treats acne, skin infections, cardiovascular diseases, low BP, respiratory disorders and migraines.

Health Benefits of Coffee:

health benefits of coffee

Coffee is not just a drink but since 200 BC, Benefits of drinking coffee for health?are known for its healing powers and also considered as a religious drink. Caffeine in coffee not only refrains you from sleeping, but it boosts?neurotransmitter Dopamine in body which enhances your concentration.

1. Boosts Energy Level and Enhances Performance:

The strong stimulant present in coffee helps increase the energy and boosts metabolism in body which ultimately helps in enhancing both physical as well as mental?energy. The Dopamine present in coffee speeds up the heart beat count thus helping you perform rigorous workouts. Coffee, if drank within limit, improves attention, mental logic and intelligence.

2. Fights Depression and Reduces Suicide rates:

With today’s increasing pressure in one’s lifestyle, depression and suicides are more common among teens than the adults. Depression is snagging majority of the world’s population. That being said, if you have a stressful lifestyle in your work or at school, coffee is your way to instant anti-depression.

As mentioned earlier, it contains high level of antioxidants which will lift your mood and make you happy. Scientists have shown that a person who drinks 2 cups of coffee a day have lowered their depression by 23% (Although we recommend limiting just 1 cup a day).

3. Lowers Risk of Certain Cancers:

It is self-evident that cancer has become a major cause of death all around the globe. Coffee has proved to protect humans against 2 types of cancer, one being Colorectal cancer and another being Liver cancer. Scientific research has shown that consuming 3 cups of coffee per day cuts out the risk of liver cancer by 50% and colorectal cancer by 17%. Its all about antioxidants!!

4. Burns Fat and Weight Loss

With high level of caffeine and energy boosting elements, Coffee plays a key role in cutting out one’s appetite. That does not mean you should intake coffee instead of lunch or dinner, but drink a cup after lunch or dinner to cut out the craving for mid-snacks and sweets. It will not only help you in improving your body weight but also give you more energy by consuming small amounts of intake.

One thing you need to notice is, in order to reduce your weight using coffee, you should consume coffee in its plain form, i.e, without milk and cream.

5. Protection against?Alzheimer?s:

Benefits of coffee are not limited to strength alone, but also treats dangerous diseases. Alzheimer, which occurs usually in old age adults, has no scientific cure but drinking 3-4 cups of mild coffee a day can help you plunge the risk of Alzheimer by 55-65%.

6. Liver Protection:

Due to the high level of antioxidants, drinking 3-4 cups of coffee per day on a daily basis can help you reduce the risk of liver disorders like Non Alcoholic Fatty Liver and Liver Cirrhosis by a large extent.

7. Healthy Heart

As we mentioned at the very beginning, caffeine present in coffee increases blood pressure but it is not permanent. Drinking coffee regularly can help cardiovascular diseases stay at bay and reduces risk of stroke by 24%. However, one should keep in mind that you should not consume more than 1 cup of coffee a day if you are suffering from high blood pressure.

8. Anti-ageing elements:

Consuming coffee is best for your health, but mind blowing for your skin too. The antioxidants and caffeine fight the?ageing and keeps your skin away from wrinkles.

9. Helps you Live Longer:

Since coffee fights against so many types of diseases like cancer, ageing, parkinson, diabetes, depression etc. it is quite obvious that it will boost your life period to a huge extent. A study in Ghana and Europe proved that those who drink coffee on regular basis have low risk of early death. Going into statistics, regular intake of coffee has decreased 20% risk of death in men and 26% risk in women (Cheers women!).

10. Fights Type II Diabetes:

Health benefits of coffee also covers Diabetes, a common problem in adults. Type 2 diabetes has haunted more than 350 million people globally. It is a huge health issue and needs to be treated quickly to reduce the death rate by 5% annually. Type 2 diabetes disables the secretion of insulin within the body resulting in to increased blood sugar levels. It is known that?people drinking coffee have hugely reduced the risk of getting affected from type 2 diabetes. Studies in American labs have reported that coffee drinkers have 27 to 50% lower risk in getting affected from Diabetes.

Popular Coffee Seeds available:

I am sure you have gained lots of information about health benefits of coffee which will be helpful to you. Just as a bonus, we have added some general information about types of coffee to help you choose the perfect drink for you. There are several types of coffee grown around the world, here are 2 most popular coffee seeds:

Robusta: This type has a higher level of caffeine content and has a very strong flavour. Robusta consists of 30% of total world production and is commonly used for blends. It can be cultivated in low rainfall and is grown in South East Asia and West Africa.

Arabica: Arabica is a higher quality bean having mind aroma and flavour but low level of caffein. It comes in a variety of taste right from sweet to soft and sharp to tangy and expectedly the 70% of world production. Although its name suggests Arabian countries, it is grown in Central and South America.

I hope the above mentioned health benefits of coffee are as useful to you as with me but too much of anything is harmful, so enjoy your sips of coffee in moderation and limit and take full advantage of health benefits of coffee. Cheers!



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