How to Lose 5 Kilos in 30 Days Eliminating a Food From Your Diet

Losing weight is something that can obsess many. Especially when in the calendar of concerns facing the summer, the number one concern is that of the bikini operation. Nutritionists warn that if we are going to start a diet and change our diet we must take into account two important things: that it be healthier (the important thing is not losing weight, it is gaining health), and that in addition to eating better you need to move more and practice exercise.

But when it comes to dieting there is something that almost nobody stops to think about: it matters what you eat and what you drink. Did you know that you can subtract 600 calories a day if you eliminate drinks and eat and dine with water? The data speaks for itself. If you want to lose weight when it comes to choosing drinks, the most important thing is that you take away the soft drinks but also the alcohol. Beer or wine can lose weight but there are “other alcohols” worse.

A few days ago a young Internet user commented on his experience losing weight. “I drank two sugary soft drinks every day, both at lunch and when I went out for drinks with friends, there were days when I used to drink three or even four cans a day, and one day I decided to change and I removed those drinks from my diet. to the soft drinks with zero sugar, the taste I liked and I thought that I could lose a little weight “, says this young man. Said and done. In one month he had already lost five kilos. And he felt better.

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The website called (which defines itself as an artistic project) has been denouncing on social networks for many months the large amount of sugar contained in all the foods that surround us and which we find today in the supermarket. But not all is lost. In this article we told you a few weeks ago the six spices that you can use to sweeten your meals by passing on sugar. Keep in mind that your abuse is very harmful. Not only for your weight, but also for your health.

Until the toilets have claimed in recent months to control the consumption of sugar because of the consequences it is having on health. Especially in that of young children, who pick up bad eating habits since they were little and have to be educated in the consumption of fruits and vegetables.



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