Home Remedies to Stop a Runny Nose using Simple Techniques

The nose plays the most vital part in human anatomy and if you are affected by a sinus infection, that is, a runny nose, then I know how hard life becomes. Not only does your smelling senses go away, it affects your taste, eye pain, breathing and also a headache. I personally get a runny nose 3 to 4 times a year and I always try different ways to stop a runny nose.

Although stopping runny nose can be a little easy, sore throat and cough can take quite a while to get healed.

What causes a Runny Nose?

A runny nose is a very common problem faced by 97% of the people due to the following reasons.

  1. Cold due to allergy.
  2. Infection by bacteria.
  3. An environment that is not healthy.
  4. Allergy due to dust.
  5. Emotional drowning.
  6. Sudden change in climatic conditions.
  7. Intake of chilled or cold drinks and food.

A runny nose is not a very major problem and there are more than 10 simple ways to stop the runny nose. One should note that over-blowing your runny nose will not solve the problem and will only cause your nose to soar, leading which you won’t even be able to blow it next time.

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Looking at such a common yet irritating problem, we thought of covering you with a brief yet list of very simple techniques to stop a runny nose fast.

Remedies to Stop a Runny Nose

1. Drink Fluids

Now, this category consists of drinking many types of fluids and experimenting with which one works for your body. There is no harm in trying all of them at regular intervals of time.

  • First and foremost, drink loads of hot water. Here, hot means, a little more temperature than lukewarm water.
  • Drink hot herbal tea, green tea, Coffee or a tea with a good amount of ginger content. It will filter out your nose and the fluid within the nose out.
  • My mother told me to drink hot water mixed with lemon juice and salt, which helps in losing up mucus, giving you temporary relief from the runny nose. It helped.
  • Soups are the best way to gain the nutrients in hot form, which will help in giving heat to your chest, throwing out the fluid from your nose.
  • Drink 3 spoons of pure honey 3 times a day. Scientists have proved that honey can destroy the bacteria that causes a runny nose.
  • Drink hot milk with a pinch of turmeric in it. Take this solution of milk and turmeric after waking up and before sleeping.

2. Inhaling Steam

Inhaling steam is one of the most followed precautionary measures since the technique directly affects your nose, giving in better results. Of course, this method needs to be done with precaution as we are playing our delicate nose with a boiling material. I will show you the best way to follow this, below:

Step 1: Keep a big vessel filled with a 3/4th portion of water to boil. Keep it to boil until the bubbles show up vigorously.

Step 2: Add some herbs in the boiled water and let the water cool for 30 seconds to 1 minute, since it might burn your face if inhaled immediately.

Step 3: After waiting for 1 minute, keep the vessel on a plain table, where you can either stand or sit comfortably on its level.

Step 4: Lean towards the boiling water vessel at a distance of around 1-2 feet away, as and how many bears the heat. It is best advised to cover yourself with a towel so the vapour is not lost in the air.

Step 5: Start inhaling deeply through your nose and exhale out using the mouth. You will notice the fluid in your nose will start running out. Wipe it time to time.

Continue Step 5 for 10-15 minutes, as you are comfortable and again follow the Step 1 since the water must have cooled down by now. Do this for 30 minutes a day.

Some recommended herbs to add to the boiling water are:

  • Eucalyptus oil ? Add 4-5 drops into the boiling water. Alternatively, you can also add a couple of drops to your handkerchief and inhale it throughout your day.
  • Apple cider vinegar – Not more than 1tbsp
  • Mustard oil ? Apart from adding this to boiling water, you can also add one drop each to the nose, twice a day.

This method is highly effective and I recommend doing this to stop the non-stop runny nose that you are facing from.

3. Warm Temperature

Cold and runny nose mostly happens due to change in climate or by drinking or eating cold stuff. To get rid of a cold that has caught your body, you will need to keep your body in a warm and humid temperature. You can do this by following ways:

a) Take a towel, dip it into hot water for 5 minutes, take it out and semi-dry it. Keep the towel around your face, covering only the mouth, neck and nose.

b) Make your home temperature a little warmer and humid using temperature controller like NEST.

c) Wear warm clothes if possible by which you can keep yourself warm anywhere you go.

4. Nasal Spray

Since the above, all were home remedies, this one, although is an outsourced method, but what stops a runny nose better than a nasal spray. Similar to inhaling, this will affect directly to your nose.

Phenylephrine, Ephedrine, naphazoline, oxymetazoline, phenylpropanolamine are some of the Nasal sprays that are available in the market. Although, search for them yourself if they are available in your country and get a doctor’s prescription and advice for this before buying them.

If you don’t want to buy medicine outside, you can also make your own solution at home to spray into your nose.

The solution is called “Saline Drops”. Take some warm water in a bowl and add 2 pinches of table salt in it. Stir the solution thoroughly so that there are no visible traces of salt. Now, you will need to have an eyedropper or similar drop/spray bottle to get the solution into the nose.

Feel the temperature of the solution to make sure it is comfortable to your nose. Put one drop each into the nose 3 times a day. This will help you eliminate all the toxins from your nose and nasal line.

5. Vicks Vapo Rub

This is just a temporary solution to stop a runny nose and clear your nasals. Just apply the cream on the outer side of your nose and a bit inside the holes too. Your nose will clear up within 5-10 minutes. You can use this before going to sleep to keep a runny nose from haunting you.

6. Hot Shower

home remedies for runny nose

This has to be your favourite remedy for stopping a runny nose since you have to do nothing but stand under a hot shower for 15-20 minutes. This will help you warm up the entire body and kill the bacteria causing a runny nose. Also, what I would suggest is, rub/massage your nose while under the shower and try to throw out all the fluid stuck up in your nose.

7. Ginger and Cloves

In the very beginning, we mentioned to add ginger into the tea and drink it. While that’s a good way to utilise the bacteria-killing power of ginger, you can also intake it directly. Peel the skin of ginger and chew a small piece of ginger. It will taste spicy and weird so take just the right amount you are comfortable with.

Secondly, cloves can help you solve the sore throat. Take a couple of cloves into the mouth and start sucking it while on the go. The juice from cloves work as an anti-bacterial element within the body and is a very useful spice.

Bonus tips:

Above are some of the home remedies for a runny nose but I have a few more techniques and tips to stop a runny nose which different people have suggested, either experienced or specialists.

  • Take brandy
  • Press the below portion of the nose (the upper lip) hard for 15 minutes. If it doesn’t work, do again after 15 minutes. And then again. This is a working solution to stop a runny nose quickly at home.
  • Take a Benadryl syrup. It will dry up your mucus muscles and membrane and give you relief from sore throat and runny nose. It will make you sleepy though.
  • Do not drink cold water or intake ice cream for next one week or until your running nose stops.
  • Visit a doctor for Allopathic treatment. Injections work immediately, but try to go for home remedies before anything.
  • Ayurvedic and Homeopathy treatment can also be taken into consideration.

Above were a few, or say almost all possible methods on how to stop a runny nose. Try them if you facing from running nose and we would like to know if any of the above-mentioned methods worked out for you so that other readers can have an insight of the remedy that worked out for you.

Hope this article was helpful to you and if yes, we would appreciate if you could share it with your near and dear ones so they could deal with a runny nose easily.


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