Is Tea Good For You? Health Benefits


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Aren’t you interested to know how tea is healthy for you? Well, the truth is often harder to swallow. Here are some of the benefits that go along with drinking tea that might just change your mind about drinking coffee.

Boosts your memory power

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Although there is no medical proof that’s been made public just yet, many scientists believe there is a link between drinking tea and boosting memory. It’s said that tea can boost brain cell activity and allow for long-term protection of these cells. This can help prevent the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. This might be one of the reasons we see so many from the older generation drinking tea.

It can give you better chances at fighting cancer

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There is reason to support that high-profile medical studies have shown that drinking tea can prevent all types of cancer. These studies suggest that parts of the body that will be more prone to cancer include your mouth and prostate, but not limited to breast cancer. They also suggest your chances of being better protected from cancer by drinking up to 5 or more cups per day or more!

Great way to fight heart disease

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There is also the potential that tea can increase your blood flow since it’s believed that tea widens blood vessels. This might be due to the natural caffeine, but it’s for sure that tea contains antioxidants that are called flavonoids. These may also slow the development of heart disease with increased blood flow that will be resistant to blood clots. Naturally, the addition of a well-balanced diet with low cholesterol will also be beneficial to your health.

Helping you lose weight

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For many years, it’s been widely accepted that tea has a natural slimming effect that can help some people reduce body fat. This is achieved by speeding up your body’s ability to burn fat more effectively. This is also triggered through regular exercise using cardiovascular workouts. As long as you aren’t adding any sugar to the tea, it will keep you active all day. It can also reduce water weight since tea will speed up the way your kidneys work.

Helps to keep you hydrated

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By drinking tea all throughout the day, you’ll have a further benefit of being hydrated more often. Next to drinking ordinary water, tea can contain high amounts of caffeine that will give you more energy. In between each cup of tea you enjoy, the natural benefits of hydrating each hour will easily be seen. Your skin will be better refreshed and help you feel better hydrated if you are doing physical exercises.

Can prevent tooth decay

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There is some proof that tea will help strengthen your tooth enamel since it also contains fluoride. The natural antioxidants also help to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Since tea is also contributing to staining your tooth enamel, you’ll need to keep your teeth brushed every day to keep your teeth white and bright. Fresh tea leaves will be best if you grow your own tea at home.

Which tea can be healthier than others?

  • Black tea

You’ll hear more bragging and promotional comments about green tea over black tea, but the benefits of black tea offer better health benefits. Black tea is more commonly known to help widen your arteries from the higher levels of caffeine. It’s also a stronger source of antioxidants which are beneficial for preventing viruses and bacteria from forming in your mouth.

  • Green Tea

Green tea has been gaining a lot of media attention within the Vegan and Vegetarian community and is blowing up in social media videos. Green tea has a unique ability to increase activity in your kidneys, liver, and bladder. Some of us suffer from certain types of arthritis who will benefit from drinking green tea. It’s said that green tea will strengthen bones. This tea is brewed using loose leaves rather than a teabag.

  • Wu Long Tea

Chinese tea has long been known to have thousands of health benefits from curing baldness to being a powerful aphrodisiac. Wu Long tea is best known to promote the burning of calories while boosting your immune system. Those who love preparing home-brewed tea at home also like that Wu Long tea doesn’t taste like grass as Green tea does. The resulting sweet flavor give drinking Wu Long tea more appealing.


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