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A Poor Mans Diet Plan

6 Reasons to Start a Plant-Based Whole Foods Diet

It can be confusing, all these terms flying around for various types of diets.  For instance, do you think that a plant-based, whole foods diet is just a new name for vegetarianism...
health benefits of dryfruits

Top 5 Nuts to keep you Healthy and Fit Regularly

The nuts are very important for health while they are neither fruits or vegetables. Have you been diligently exercising and eating healthy food to stay fit and fine but...
health benefits of coffee

10 Mind Blowing Health Benefits of Coffee

While you may use coffee just to take in that caffeine to prevent sleep while working, or hanging up with a friend, don't just gulp it down for the sake of drinking. Several researches...
how to increase hemoglobin

10 Foods to Improve Calcium and Haemoglobin in 2 Weeks

Health issues in this modern fast-paced life are almost always frequent. The hospitals are flooded with patients with a variety of diseases and deficiencies of calcium, haemoglobin, iron etc. What could be the reason?...
how to cure depression without medication

5 Ways To Treat Depression Without Medication

Although you might feel like you're suffering in isolation, depression is far more common than people realize. In fact, the World Health Organization estimates that at least 300 million people suffer from some type...
high carb foos

Top 15 High Carb Foods that are Actually Super Healthy

Staying away from carbohydrates is the first thing people do when they kick start a ?healthy diet? or embrace healthy living. Carbs have a bad reputation when it comes to weight gain...
How to Lose 5 Kilos in 30 Days

How to Lose 5 Kilos in 30 Days Eliminating a Food From Your Diet

Losing weight is something that can obsess many. Especially when in the calendar of concerns facing the summer, the number one concern is that of the bikini operation. Nutritionists warn that if we are...
Benefits of Moringa Tea

Benefits of Moringa Tea In Weight Loss in 2020

One of the greatest benefits of Moringa tea is that it acts as a powerful antioxidant. Did you think that a harmless cup of tea simply served to cool off in summer or warm up...
What is vitamin B for

Vitamin B: Why is it Important and Foods

What is Vitamin B for? I get this question asked a lot. I want to clear this query once and for all. For this, it is necessary that our diet be based on the three...
how to have Low Carb Diet

How To Do Cheat Day on a Low Carb Diet

So you have decided that you want to start a diet.  What’s the best way to go about doing this?  What foods are good for you to eat during this time? Here are some...